Client Testimonials

"My pain is low to non-existent since seeing Dr. Mike!"

"I was crippled and crawling until I saw Dr. Mike!"

I Choose Chiropractic Over Surgery... I feel so much better!

Because of Dr. Mike...I Feel Great!feel so much better!

My Quality of Life is Great with Dr. Mike's Help!

Life is Good with Dr. Mike!

I Would Recommend Dr. Mike in a Heartbeat!

Dr. Mike Helped Me Make It To Retirement

With Steady Improvement I Don't Think I Will Need Surgery!

"I Love Chiropractic.... Check it out!"

Second Year Medical Student says Dr. Mike has exceeded her expectations!

Vietnam Veteran speaks highly of Dr. Mike and the Choice Program.

"Chiropractic is noninvasive and a great option for preventative medicine"

"Magic "Mike" is a miracle!"

"My leg and foot pain is about 85% better"

"In a short time my pain and numbness was gone!"

"Dr. Mike Jajuga has saved our family lots of money. He is fabulous and we always leave with a smile on our face."

"After a number of sports injuries and life's wear and tear, Dr. Mike's (Jajuga, Toledo, Ohio) treatment (Chiropractic)has helped me tremendously!"

"I would not be walking upright if it were not for Dr. Mike (Jajuga)" Sciatica, Back Pain

"I come in - I can hardly walk. My back is killing me. I leave...I have relief. I DONT HAVE THE PAIN." Jim, chiropractic patient of Dr. Mike Jajuga, Toledo, Ohio

"I've come in times when I couldn't even walk, or hardly stand up... and walked out totally different.... I felt 20 years younger."   - Tom, chiropractic patient of Dr. Mike Jajuga, Toledo, Ohio

“How I Got Relief For My Work Related Back Pain”
back pain, worker's compensation injury in Ohio

Several years ago I sustained a worker’s compensation injury. The back pain associated with the injury was so great at times that I would need my wife to help me put on my clothes and tie my shoes because I was unable to bend over. The pain made me quit doing activities that I enjoyed and made work a nightmare. My quality of life was diminished because of the injury and pain.

I was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants that didn’t really help. The pills blocked the pain but left me unable to mentally function and this was unacceptable to me. I sought alternative treatment and in doing so I met Dr. Mike at Foundation Chiropractic.

Dr. Mike examined me, explained what was injured and how he could help me. Through gentle manipulation, physical therapy and exercise I have my life back without taking medication.

Dr. Mike [Jajuga] and his staff have also made dealing with the complicated paperwork painless. They have worked with the insurance company, HMOs and the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and have handled every question and problem that has come up.

Because Dr. Mike’s skill, special training and experience I can do my job with confidence and enjoy my life again. He has enabled me to keep working in the fire service and given me back my life.

~ Wade Johnson
Fireman, Deputy Chief

 I get adjusted once a week, I am pain free, and best of all I can walk without falling down!

When I started having problems with my back, my brother suggested that I go to see Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike had helped my brother out, and my brother could see that I needed help – fast.

I could not stand up straight. When I walked, I would sometimes fall as my legs would give out. I was in so much pain that no matter what position I was in, I was very uncomfortable.

After a few visits with Dr. Mike, I was walking better and in a lot less pain.

Today, I am on a maintenance schedule with Dr. Mike – I get adjusted once a week, I am pain free, and best of all I can walk without falling down!

Thanks Dr. Mike!!!

~Jeanette Matthews

I just want to take a minute to share my experiences with Dr. Mike at Foundation Chiropractic. Over the past 15 years being under Dr. Mike's care, I've come to realize through my past experiences with physicians, he is very personable and always takes the time to understand how I'm feeling and what my needs are...something that most physicians don't have or take the time to do. Dr. Mike and the staff at Foundation Chiropractic have always made me feel like a part of the family, not just a number. The support staff at Dr. Mike's is always friendly, professional, and extremely caring. Dr. Mike himself, in my personal experience, has always gone the extra mile for me and that trust and respect will not be forgotten. Thank you, Dr. Mike and staff, for all your help over the years; I look forward to continuing a great relationship.
~David Shasteen

 Let me tell you I'm currently seeing Dr Mike and he is amazing and the staff goes beyond making you feel comfortable. They make you feel at home. I had my injury 2 months ago with a torn ligament in my left knee and slipped disk in my lower back. Every day that I go see Dr Mike I feel even more better than before. It helps that he has all his awards and certifications hanging everywhere... made me feel like he knew what he was doing when I first walked through his doors. I found him on Google best chiropractor to go to.
~Salina Johnson

Well let me start off saying that I have been going to Dr. Jajuga's office since 2008. When I first walked into his office I could barley stand up straight. I was in a 4 car pile up accident. With the love and care of him and his staff they have brought me a very long way. Dr. Jajuga has been there for me the last 5 years, and I don't know what I would do without him. I couldn't ask for a more caring doctor, and staff. He is there for me when ever I need him, even when I have to call him at home. Dr. Jajuga makes sure that I get the proper care, chiropractic, physical therapy you name it, even when I said no he said yes it is for your own good. If I wouldn't have listened to him I wouldn't be in the shape I'm in now.
Thank you Dr. Mike for all you support, love and care. Your the best.
~Trish Keil

 A few years ago I sustained an injury to my right shoulder and sought chiropractic care because it locked up so bad I could hardly walk. Though I found relief, I was never pain free and I quit going. Fast forward to a few months ago. I started feeling my shoulder locking and was in pain. I couldn't get comfortable, my neck hurt, I couldn't sleep and worst of all, I had to quit exercising which is my stress relief. On the recommendation of my brother-in-law I went to see Dr. Mike. My first visit he took x-rays and I returned in two days. The day he explained my x-rays to me changed the way I live my life. I was diagnosed with scoliosis (the other place never mentioned this after my x-rays there) and finally had a cause of my shoulder pain and other back pains I had been experiencing. He gave me a treatment plan that I followed. Today I am pain free! The biggest difference is I can exercise again and not just walk. I am lifting heavy 4 days a week and am running 2 days. Running! I've never been able to run before. Dr. Mike has made all the difference in my physical ability to be active without pain. I will never not see him!...

~Melissa Mysinger

Everyone remembers my name, knows what I need, and Dr. Mike really takes time to treat even the smallest issues so I can get back to living pain free.
~April Costin



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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Everyone remembers my name, knows what I need, and Dr. Mike really takes time to treat even the smallest issues so I can get back to living pain free.

    ~April Costin